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Meet Joanna, the Owner

Joanna is the heart and back bone of Bridal Desires. With over 25 years of experience she brings passion and dedication to the changing needs of today's customer. She is dedicated to providing all employees with the highest standard of training in customer service relations and product knowledge, instilling in them the confidence needed to achieve the status of
" Five Star Bridal Consultant."
Joanna's late grandmother owned and managed a fashion
design school recognized and awarded by the government in the Philippines. The school was named after her two daughters, Joanna's mother Lubella and aunt Evelyn. She named it Lubelyn Design! The love of fashion, design, educating others and entrepreneurship is simply in her genetics!


Meet Amy, our Assistant Manager

Amy is a Jill of all trades and wears many hats. Not only does she assist in teaching and coaching our team but she is our handywoman who knows her way around the toolbox. She ensures all aspects of our operations are running top notch and promotes a professional yet enjoyable workplace. Amy has the uncanny ability to hone in on an individual's vision and to center her brides. She is able to support her customer by keeping them focused on what's important to them and not allowing the stress of  planning a big event interfere . She has the perfect balance between practicality and lightheartedness to allow for a successful and pleasurable shopping journey.


Meet Josie, our Team Lead

Josie is all things bridal, she is committed to Bridal Desires both inside the workplace and out by constantly educating herself on new and upcoming fashion and design trends. Each season Josie visits the designer showrooms to assist in the hand selection of every gown that comes into the store.
Her warm demeanor and open ears allows brides to feel validated and heard throughout their entire experience. Josie's gentle approach and "no pressure" attitude creates an inviting, comfortable atmosphere. As a highly requested consultant, Josie values each and every customer who walks through the boutique.


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Meet Ellyssa, our Social Media & Creative Director

Do you follow us on social media? If so, you've seen her before. Ellyssa is the creator of our Tik Tok and is dedicated in keeping Bridal Desires relevant in an ever progressing world through all our social media platforms. Ellyssa is a go-getter with a passion for people. Her hospitality background paired with her youthful energy allows for a relatable and memorable experience for all. She is not afraid to be unapologetically herself, she is honest, patient and knowledgeable. A shopping experience with Ellyssa has been describes as being like an outing with a friend. #followus!

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Meet Lindy, our Creative & Event Coordinator

Lindy's lifelong involvement in the performing arts has led her to all things glitz and glam. She has an eye for photography and is enthusiastic when it comes to creating fun-tabulous content for our media platforms. She creates excitement through her charismatic personality and generates ideas to make our events successful. 
Lindy is a family oriented mom of 3 who has a kind, nurturing quality and is a fierce ally of all things love and inclusivity; she has the natural ability to connect with all energies that walk through our front door. Lindy's goal in every appointment is to find her bride's "inner sparkle" and let it shine!

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